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*This style includes: shampoo, condition, blow dry, light press
**(1-2) bundles of hair.

Texture ponytail is your preference

- For bone straight look - straight or body wave (nothing shorter than 14")
- For curly look ~ 2-3 bundles any curl of your choice
>> please note reusing previous installed virgin hair is no problem .


I will charge extra if I have to clean or re-shampoo your bundles


*This style includes: shampoo, condition, blow dry, followed by silk press

and brushed into neat pony for bun

Classic bun ( not twisted top knot) Ideal for weddings , recitals etc

This bun does not require weave - in fact if your hair is long enough , you

can achieve a nice bun with your own natural hair .

If you need length and fullness , 1 - 16” bundle of Brazilian body wave or

pack of braiding hair would be fine

half | up half down


You will need:

1 pack of expressions braiding hair for the top knot

1-2 virgin bundles for the lower section in the back

1 extra bundle of virgin bundle to achieve high ponytail vs the top knot bun .

Please bring your own bottle of morning glory or any hair protectant from

the beauty supply store ( will be applied for quick weave in the back )

To SEW in the back (down section in back ) Additional -$50

Select SEW IN or QUICK WEAVE in add on (preferred)

the |following can be added to your service

1 - virgin bundle


2 - virgin bundles


3 - virgin bundles


Add’l designs /braids


Bang ( for top knot / half up half down) VIRGIN HAIR PROVIDED BY ME


Morning glory /cap provided by me

Quick weave - back leave out



Sew in /quick weave removal


Sew in half ( for half up half down only)

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