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silk |press 

Silk press includes:
shampoo, condition, blow dry
Silk Pressed with hot comb and flat irons
marcel curls ( optional )

Reshape (Cut) and deep condition are not included

Please come with hair already detangled and ready to be shampooed.

I will charge extra if I have to help you take down a twist out or braid down

deep |condition shanformationé 

Good choice sis !

What this combination includes :

•deep condition ( under heated dryer 15-20 minutes ) ,
•silk press
•reshape ( cut) *
*more than 2.5 inches cut will be additional charge

Style options : bone straight or marcel curls

I suggest this for new customers and loyals

color | shanformation 

So you want that sexy , polished look ?
I LOVE jet BLACK hair

combo Includes:
• black *dye application
• silk pressed
•reshaped (Cut) back to health .

* remember I do NOT color natural hair any colors other than BLACK or BROWN .

I suggest this service to new customers and loyals who desire a natural and sharp look .
- good every 2 week kind of service or in between sew ins or wigs to keep hair in top condition under your installs

the | shanformation

Most common booked service
The Shanformation includes , shampoo condition & precision cut .

After shampoo & condition natural hair will be
Silk pressed with pressing comb followed by flat irons . I will then marcel curl your fresh cut hair.

This service is the best for natural hair maintenance.

the |following can be added to your service

1 - virgin bundle


2 - virgin bundles


3 - virgin bundles

Color - Full Head (Black or Brown)


Color- Edges/ Leave-Out & Grey (touch-up)




Deep Condition


Jet black LACE closure


Pin up / pin curls




Sew in /quick weave removal

Tracks - quick bond

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